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All of the fresh pork we use for our bacon comes Blythburgh Free Range Pork. We dry cure the sides using totally natural sea salt and spices. Hence when sliced the meat is dull pink in colour rather than being artificially bright pink. I believe that the best way to enjoy Emmett’s bacon is to dry fry it in a clean pan. No water or white gunge comes out! Any fat which is released should be mopped up with a piece of bread, then toast the bread and add a poached or scrambled egg. I like using extra virgin olive oil rather than butter, some diced garlic, fresh chives, fresh tarragon and some salt and pepper to make the scrambled egg. Serve with a bottle of Emmett’s Rioja and a jar of date and lime chutney!

Five of the best: bacon curers
by Andrew Webb
Emmett's of Peasenhall

'Truly stunning bacon, sliced as thick as you like it from an old hand-turned bacon slicer. Try their black bacon, cured in spices and molasses – sweet, tangy and lip-smackingly good. Their Christmas bacon features treacle, ginger, black pepper, nutmeg and star anise. There’s a full range of ribs, hams and pancetta, and a well-stocked deli and coffee shop to boot.'