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3 Styles to choose from, chargrilled, with stem or without stem. Try all three! Chargrilled £4.74 per 250g Without Stem £5.24 per 250g With Stem £5.74 per 250g Price per 250g Chargrilled Artichokes

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Delicious small crunchy cornichons to go with cured meats Price per 250g

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Organic Garlic Cloves

Organic garlic cloves are in extra virgin olive oil and herbs - soft and mild. Delicious as a tapas snack or pureed and put onto bread. Price per 250g

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I once tried these dried grapes many years ago and have at last been able to find some! The bunches of grapes are dried on the ground still on their stalks. This results in a lovely soft plump raisin which is full of flavour. £12.95 600g gift box

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Our delicious pesto sauce is great with pasta, chicken breasts or added with sautéed mushrooms. Price per 250g

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