Ade Edmondson Meets Emmett’s With ITV

While filming for his ITV series Ade In Britain, Ade Edmondson stopped off at our store to have a chat with Mark and discuss all things Suffolk black ham. Ade’s show was aired on ITV Daytime as he went all over Britain showcasing the excellent and diverse food producers, breweries, manufacturers and everything in between, on this exciting island.

Ade’s adventures took him to Peasenhall in Suffolk to visit Emmett’s store - the oldest artisan ham and bacon producer in the UK. Specifically, Ade wanted to dive into our famous Suffolk black ham and what makes it so special. Taken aback by our bacon showroom, where we keep our traditional Suffolk black bacon, claiming “A bacon showroom - everyone should have one!”.

Have a watch of the video below and see for yourself the process that makes Emmett’s Suffolk black ham so famous.

Emmett’s Smokehouse

As the show was there to focus on the cured ham, Ade was keen to see our 200 year old smokehouse. Mark went through how he cures the ham for 7 to 12 days and then the marinating process, which can take up to 6 weeks. They then visit the smokehouses where Emmett’s hams are smoked for up to 3 days. As Ade points out - the tradition of hanging meat and smoking it goes all the way back to cavemen. So, our method is built on something that truly works, we’ve just improved it over the last couple of centuries. After curing, marinating and smoking the meat, cooking it is the last step of the process and it is what makes it a traditional Suffolk black ham.

“It’s absolutely delicious. You can taste everything that’s happened to it. It’s really complex.”