Our Heritage

Emmett's Store

Emmett’s is the oldest artisan ham and bacon producer in the UK. Established in 1820, family owned and still operating from the same premises in the same Suffolk village we make ham not sham!

Our differing flavours of ham are made solely from the rear leg of the pig using natural not synthetic ingredients whilst our bacon is dry cured with natural salt not artificial nitrates. All the pork we use is from Suffolk with the vast majority from Blythburgh Free Range.

Our signature product Suffolk Black Ham is widely acclaimed and has a very loyal following. We held a Royal Warrant for over 36 years, is mentioned by Delia in her books, Rick Stein Food Heroes and Ade Edmonson to name a few! The period of marination, in Nethergate Suffolk porter beer gives the product immense depth and flavour and some coarseness like no other. It is then hot smoked in our original brick smokehouses. It is with these Great British credentials that we are now exporting our products to Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

Emmett's Royal Warrants