Emmett’s Smokehouse Features On The BBC

This week we were visited by the BBC who shot this short video showing viewers around our shop and smokehouse. We’re always proud to share our story with people so we were more than happy to tell it to BBC news for the nation to hear. We’re the oldest purveyors of artisan ham and bacon in UK and we’ve smoking our own meat from our own smokehouse for over 200 years. Our award winning Suffolk black smoked ham is first marinaded for up to 6 weeks and then smoked over beech to give it its distinctive flavour.

Take a look at the video as our very own Mark discusses Emmett’s with BBC News.


It's been always situated in this village in Peasanhall some people call it peas and ham there's still the original glass in the window. It's always been a family business originally owned by the Tunma Gerry Emmett family.

There's no electricity or dials or levers it's purely the amount of beach I put in there and the weather. In the summer when it's when it's when the weather's hot and maybe it's slightly windy the beach will burn more quickly. In the winter it takes time for the wood to get burning but the end result is a product that essentially hasn't changed over the centuries.

We either leave the pork or the sides unsmoked or we smoke them over beech, or we then we marinate them in our marinade for up to six weeks and then we smoke them. It's amazing it looks - um - it's dark, it's sticky it's sweet. It's interesting when we slice the bacon, i'm not frightened of selling the the end pieces but like the crust on your bread that's where the flavour is.

When you go through with a slicer the loin changes as you slice. As you see from the machine behind me is 90 years old it cuts so well, and there are just small things about it that make it such a good part of the business.

That and the bacon on a table, that's Emmett’s.