The Shopkeepers 2021 Best Food Shops

We've been featured in The Shopkeepers 2021 Best Food Shops which is an annual review featuring 10 of their favourite food and provisions stores. Shops located in London, New York, Paris, Edinburgh, Upstate New York and Massachusetts...and Peasenhall, Suffolk!

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The Shopkeepers is a very popular site that was born out of a “love for design, shops and travelling” from founder Paula Flynn. Its aim is to give the opportunity for shop owners to showcase the stories and insights that are so unique to independent shops. The concept combines this distinctive storytelling capabilities while also highlighting some of their favourite shops.

Who else made the list?

Within the 2021 Best Food Shops list there are entries from places such as Poilâne, a Parisian bakery that’s been baking their own sourdough since 1932. As well as Albanese Meats & Poultry in the Little Italy neighboorhood New York City which has been serving customers since 1923. Being the oldest artisan ham and bacon producer in the UK has earned Emmett’s a well deserved place on the list. Supplying locals and customers from afar our very own famous Suffolk black ham and Suffolk black bacon which has been smoked behind the shop for the last 200 years.