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Welcome to Emmett's Ham! 

Emmett’s is the oldest artisan ham and bacon producer in the UK. Established in 1820, family owned and still operating from the same premises in the same Suffolk village. All of the pork we source is farmed 10 minutes from Emmett’s and is 100% free range and all of our production is by hand.

We're proud to tell you we held a Royal Warrant for over 36 years, and we’re mentioned by Delia in her books, in Rick Stein’s Food Heroes, James Martin’s TV show and Ade Edmonson is a fan - to name a few!

As a member of the Marylebone Cricket Club we have collated an exclusive collection of our fine produce and gifts to help you build your perfect picnic hamper. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Emmett's Ham

Introducing our Suffolk Ham

Our cooked ham is available on and off the bone or ready sliced.

Smoked Ham

Emmett's Smoked Ham

Smoked over beech in our heritage smokehouses this ham is perfect for all occasions and palates!

Suffolk Black Ham

Suffolk Black Ham

This is our signature product and is a ham like no other. Marinaded in beer and molasses prior to being smoked in our heritage smokehouses produces a ham full of flavour and depth with a dark mahogany skin.

Unsmoked Orange Ham

Orange Unsmoked Ham

Cooked and dressed with oranges, apricots and prunes this ham not only looks good, it smells fabulous and tastes delicious. A great centre piece!

Emmett's Choice

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