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Sri Lankan Chutney - Date & Lime - Emmett's

Sri Lankan Chutney - Date & Lime

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A delicious range of chutneys, made in Sri Lanka exclusively for Emmett's. My favourite is the date and lime. The fresh lime makes this chutney so tangy, and coupled with the heat from the spices is ideal with pate, cheese, curry, as an ingredient and of course Emmett's ham!

Is this the best chutney in the UK?

Make a stock with a chicken carcass and add diced cabbage, carrots, potatoes and noodles. Reheat so the vegetables are cooked and stir in a tablespoon of date and lime. Ladle into a bowl eat with chopsticks and slurp the bowl at the end!

Use with lobster tails, kedgeree, baked potatoes with yoghurt, add to an omelette or scrambled egg mix before cooking the mixture. Make a dressing with oil vinegar and the date and lime for a summer salad with mango and pineapple!